Kom i form med Juztmove

Great results with extended leisure centres
A leisure centre can be further developed into a health and nursing service offering help to achieve successful lifestyle changes primarily caused by lack of physical activity, poor nutrition and use of tobacco. Programmes are aimed at individuals in need of support to change their lifestyle after either becoming aware of an increased risk or early stage of illness related to their habits of living. Health promoting factors and every individual´s empower to be in control of one´s health are the leisure centre´s areas of concern.

Juztmove- cost efficient and a modern leisure centre
Juztmove is an online leisure centre where the centre management can upload exercise and rehabilitation videos. Also videos about health information in general, nutrition advice, or programmes for personal training can be made available through the online centre. All videos and other information published can be made accessible for all residents in the municipality.

Increased physical activity can reduce costs significantly
Staying in shape will not only improve each individual´s life quality, it will also reduce need of health and nursing services. In relation to increased life style issues and a growing group of senior citizens it is crucial to select smart choices to solve these problems. Juztmove provides a solid tool for facing life style illness and tight budgets.